3 Types Of Warehouse Logistics And How They Work

SONY DSCIf you are running a startup company that suddenly has a large influx of inventory, you may not be aware of the different ways a warehouse logistics company adds value to your bottom line.

Here are some services companies standing ahead of the pack offer:

  • Automation. A company who is particularly on the leading edge of the logistics industry offers automated inventory transportation. The benefit to you? You know they have the capacity to handle your products.
  • Pool distribution. A great company can handle multiple deliveries of inventory from different shipping companies and the combine all those shipments into one large outgoing one. You can save significantly on costs when this happens.
  • Assembly. Many, but not all providers of logistics services will help you with light assembly. If you have a sudden influx of inventory, you may have to hire temporary staff or have current staff work overtime, which your bottom line may not be able to handle.