Adams Warehouse & Delivery

Customers Visits Go Well

Tuesday was another wonderful day in Houston Texas.

We had several potential customers visit and see how we currently service our warehouse and distribution accounts. All were very impressed and mentioned that the combination of Warehouse and Distribution services and Trucking / delivery in one place would be a great asset to their companies. At Adams Warehouse and Delivery we pride ourselves on being your partner in the distribution business. Your products need to meet or exceed your customers needs. So quick delivery and safe storage are a must.

Also today we were visited by Curtis 1000. Adams did business with Curtis 1000 for 10 years before they elected to open their own Houston facility. After about ten years in their own facility, Curtis 1000 needed a new partner. So back to Adams Warehouse they came. The choice was a bit tough, they needed a facility that could do not only pallet movements, but also carton and pick and pack services, fulfillment warehouse along with heavy delivery requirements for customers all over the United States. . Adams Warehouse was a great fit. While offering those services, we also offered E.D.I. , custom billing, tracking, computer controlled inventory, delivery, hot shot services and national freight services. Just to name a few items.

In closing I would like to thank all Adams Warehouse and Delivery, inc.s customers for the years of support. Adams will continue to be a leader in logistics warehousing, service and quality.
Fred Adams