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Keep Your Inventory Safe At Adams Distribution’s Storage Warehouse

Adams Distribution takes every step within its control to ensure your inventory stays completely safe while it is in our hands.

Because we’re on the Gulf Coast, we realize you inventoryneeds protection against even very intense weather, such as hurricanes.  Here are some points to keep in mind about our storage warehouse:

  • The physical masonry is nearly indestructible.  Moisture and wind won’t impact your inventory, no matter how bad the weather gets.  storage warehouse
  • Fire sprinklers.  In the unlikely event of a fire, our warehouses are all fully equipped with sprinkler systems.  The fire may damage your inventory, but it won’t be completely destroyed.
  • Closed-circuit monitoring.  Your inventory is monitored via a closed-circuit central station 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Thieves will have a difficult time even entering our facilities, as they are kept securely locked all hours of the day.
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