Picking, Packaging, Kitting Services

Adams Warehouse and Delivery is a one-stop solution to your picking, packaging and kitting needs. We pride ourselves in providing clients with solutions for any sized project, whether small or large. Our operations are flexible, efficient, and can be adjusted in scale to meet your requirements.


Our facilities are equipped for flexible kitting, picking and packaging. Lumper services available for all types of goods. We are experts in parts acquisition for required components of as well as inventory and storage of large and small projects. We work hard to meet your budget needs so you are only paying for actual services rendered, without the hassle of paying for fixed overhead. We offer shrink wrap, pick pack, and repacking service to assure that your products are stored and shipped according to your customer’s specifications.


Our family-owned business has been fine tuning the efficiency of our operations since 1976 when we first started. After over 30 years in the industry, we are now experts in running as efficiently as possible. You simply won’t find a better picking, packaging, or kitting company out there. We help your manufacturing process run smoothly by getting parts, goods, and merchandise to suppliers and end-user retailers with ease.

We manage the logistics of your supply chain management from start to finish and make sure you’re your materials and products are available for picking, kitting, packaging and shipping out to your customers. We use state-of-the-art machinery and technology along with highly-skilled warehousing crews to provide you with superior services every time.

We Help You Grow

Whether you are ready to expand across the United States or within your home state, we can provide you with solutions to both small and large-scale operations. We handle every aspect of the supply chain management including:

  • Receiving
  • Inventory
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation logistics

You never have to worry about Adams Warehouse and Delivery getting the job getting done right. We have expertly-trained staff that can handle all of your kitting and shipping needs, no matter how large your needs for fulfillment.

Customized Kitting, Packaging, and Picking

Our centrally-located Houston warehouses offer you three excellent locations that are rail serviced to receive every component and material necessary to provide customized kitting, packaging and picking services. If you have special requirements such as the need for a temperature controlled space, dry space, or clean room services, our facilities can accommodate you.
Simply let us know of your specifications and we will strategize a viable and customized plan that is just right for you and your customers. Whether your kits contain a hundred pieces or tens of thousands, we provide kitting for any-sized project. We always keep cost in mind and find budget-friendly solutions for your kitting, packaging, and picking requirements. Whether your items are placed in boxes, bags, or other types of containers, our flexible processes allow us to exceed your project expectations every time.

Packaging Solutions

At Adams Warehouse and Delivery, we believe that packaging goes hand-in-hand with our picking, kitting, warehousing, and transportation services. Whether you need pick pack, shrink wrap or repacking services, we can accommodate you. We package your products to specifications so they are ready to be kitted, repacked, or shrink wrapped for shipment to stores for displays, placed into cartons, or packed into your own custom packaging. Quality control is always our number one priority because we care. Our family-owned business is our pride and joy and we assure best practices and the highest quality services to every client.