Red Flag Warehouse Logistics Companies

As you conduct a search for warehouse logistics, you’ll come across some who are attempting to provide the best service possible, while there are others whowarehouse logistics-8 are just there for the money.

How do you tell the difference between someone who’s really great to work with and someone who’s less than stellar? Read the tips below to learn more:

  • How communicative are they?

    When you first have questions about a company’s service, be sure to give them a call. If their staff is easy to get a hold of, and if you request a return call, make sure they call you back in a timely fashion. If you fall through the cracks now, you can guess what their customer service will be like later on.

  • What is their fee schedule? Fees are to be expected with every company. However, if the fees the company you are considering are unclear or difficult to understand, then you might consider working with someone else. Unclear fees give the company a significant amount of power over you when it comes to billing.