Adam Dist

Full Service Logistics

Houston logistics – full service logistics is the efficient supply chain management from obtaining supplier products to the delivery of those products to customers.

At Adams Warehouse & Delivery, supply chain logistics are never too complex for us to handle. Whether the order is large or small, logistics companies such as ours provide our clients with logistics management that includes the safe receiving, storage, and shipment of goods. Since some food grade goods and general merchandise require special care, Adams Warehouse and Delivery provides dry space, temperature controlled space, rush orders, and rush delivery. Every phase of our supply logistics is handled with care, expertise, and safety. We are Adams Dist – one of the most trusted logistic companies out there.

Logistics Planning

  • Whenever an order is made, it is entered into our computerized system and is routed to an account manager who will make sure that the products are received into our warehouse safely.
  • We coordinate with your supplier to give you a worry-free experience.
  • Since we offer dock services and all of our warehouses are rail served, we make it easy and convenient to receive your products into our warehousing facilities.
  • Special warehouse logistics considerations for temperature controlled space, dry space, outdoor storage, or clean room services are made at this time to best serve your needs.

Inventory Logistics Planning

  • We utilize an EDI computerized inventory tracking system to keep your items accounted for at all stages in the logistical process.
  • When your materials are received from the suppliers, they are checked for quality and accuracy and then moved into our warehouse according to the specifications stated in the planning phase.
  • Our customers are informed of tracking information during every step of the logistics management process from the time the product is received until it goes for outbound delivery to its final destination from our houston warehouse.


  • We develop cost-effective logistics chain plans for storage using our flexible racked and floor storage cross dock distribution.
  • We offer picking, packing, packaging, kitting, and dock services to meet your unique requirements. If items need to have pick pack or shrink wrap service, those logistics services are performed prior to warehousing. We also offer repack service for any pallet product.
  • Our facilities are equipped with dry space, temperature controlled space, outdoor storage, and clean room services (FDA approved and Health Department approved in Texas and Louisiana).
  • We work with you to develop the best warehouse logistics strategies to help reduce your costs for storing inventory.

Trucking, Delivery, and Transport Logistics

  • We use only reliable, safe, and dependable trucking transport to ensure that your products arrive to their destination in protected and excellent condition.
  • Tracking of your shipment is available at any phase in the transportation logistics stage. Our EDI computerized inventory control allows us to see where your shipment is located at every stage in the process.
  • We offer rush orders, rush delivery, contract route delivery, as well as local delivery and USA delivery from coast to coast.

When you need a professional supply chain logistics company that can handle planning, warehouse logistics, and transportation logistics, you can count on Adams Warehouse and Delivery to provide you with top-rated, quality services you can count on.