Top Benefits Of Logistics Companies You Can Find At Adams Distribution

Logistics companies in the Houston area have to be a little stronger than the typical warehouse.

While it is a great place to live, Houston also has the unfortunate dis

warehouse logistics-5advantage of being susceptible to hurricanes. As a result, it’s important to work with a warehousing company that has a physical location which can handle the intensity of hurricanes. Here are some things Adams Distribution does in order to make sure the inventory kept within its warehouses stays safe:

    • Nearly indestructible masonry construction. The masonry composing Adams Distribution’s three warehouses is nearly indestructible. When those high winds arrive, you can feel secure, knowing they won’t knock the building down and destroy your inventory.
    • Complete sprinkler solutions. If the inventory at one of our locations were to somehow catch fire, keep in mind each facility is fully outfitted with a sprinkler system. The damage caused will be minimized, or even prevented entirely.