Our Warehouse Keeps Getting Bigger and Better!

In our Warehouse, we just Purchased a 45,000 lbs. Lift.

When we say that we do the heavy lifting for our clients, we mean it. Clients trust us to handle and take care of their commodities in the best possible way and that’s what we do. Every Adams Warehouse & Delivery client is promised the best logistics solution and that’s exactly what every client gets. We do everything to make sure of this. Consider our latest equipment purchase, for instance. We recently acquired a 45,000 lbs.lift to enhance our heavy lift and product capabilities. Adams Warehouse & Delivery provides pick-and-pack services up to 40,000 lbs.storage and trucking across the US. The latest addition to our equipment arsenal is a perfect example of how we continue to improve our capabilities. Smart businesses, regardless of their size, realize the importance of a well-equipped logistics company, one which keeps in expanding its capacity and improving its quality of service. We have never had to turn down a client because of our inability to meet their needs and we plan on maintaining this invaluable dependability. We handle, store and transport a very wide variety of products ranging from perishable goods to technology items. All of these require first-rate equipment, which is important for clients’ peace of mind and offered through our services.

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