Three Aspects of a Comprehensive Logistics Solution

There are three aspects of a comprehensive logistics solution that enhance supply chain management.

1.) Logistics Planning Services

This involves both logistics planning and inventory planning. Logistics planning entails entering account/client/order details into a computerized system and making it available to

2.) Warehousing

The ability to safely and cost-effectively store clients’ merchandise is central to any full-service logistics company. As a warehousing client, you undoubtedly want your commodities to be stored in well-equipped storage facilities such as clean room services, dry space and temperature control. Comprehensive warehousing involves not just storage, but picking and packing services as well. These services are required before moving the products to the warehouse.

3.) Transportation and Delivery

When the time comes to move your products, speed and safety are prime concerns. As with storage, EDI inventory tracking should be used. Fast and reliable transportation is required to meet the clients’ challenging distribution demands.

As a full-service logistics company, Adams Warehouse & Delivery expertly manages all these aspects.

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